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Potted Peace Lily Plant - 140mm pot

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Peace Lily Plant

Potted Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lily plant, also called Spathiphyllum, is an excellent air purifier in your house, office, or shop.

Its stylish lush leaves stay like this year round, if you make sure to put them inside of the house with natural filtered light. Super easy to look after it although they start looking droopy because you neglect them or going away for a few days, just water it and it will come back after a few hours!

It flowers throughout the year when you stimulate it with filtered indoor light. A fantastic indoor plant gift if you're not sure your friend is good at plants, or want to help yourself to build up some confidence in growing plants. Buy a peace lily plant from Flowers Alley today. We offer peace lily plant delivery throughout the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula region, to more than 300 suburbs!


Average Size (measured with the pot from floor)

Height 40-45 cm / Width 25-30 cm

*Please note the size and colour of each plant will vary depends on the season and supply.