Guidelines For Florist Surprise Bouquets And Arrangements

Our florists love playing seasonal flowers for your selected colours and budget.

Here's some examples of various size and colours.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictures for REFERENCE ONLY. The photos are EXAMPLES of various sizes/ price points to illustrate the variety of what a "Florist's Surprise" could be. They will not necessarily be the exact bouquet/ arrangement you will receive. If you have special needs, please discuss your request with our lovely team in advance.

Florist Surprise Bouquets

Size: Spot on



Size: Premium

Seasonal flower bouquet with peonies


Size: Deluxe




Florist Surprise Arrangements 

Size: Spot on



Size: Special

Size: Premium
mix pastels flowers in a vase



Colour options reference

Colour: Colourful

Bright and colourful seasonal flowers 


Colour: Pretty pinks

 pretty pink flowers


Colour: Mixed pastel



Colour: Purple and pinks

purple and pink seasonal flowers seasonal pink and purple flower bouquet