Why send flowers to someone you love?

Whether you’re expressing gratitude, offering condolences, or celebrating a special occasion like Mother's Day, flowers are a simple yet meaningful gift you can send to someone special.

And best of all, giving flowers makes us feel just as good as if we were on the receiving end!

Let's explore some of the top reasons to send flowers to someone you love.

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Thank You flowers in Melbourne

Why do we give flowers as gifts?

To connect with emotion

The physical act of giving a gift such as flowers has a positive effect on mood, and can even help improve life satisfaction. In scientific terms, giving flowers triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin: your brain’s “happy” chemicals!

At Flowers Alley, our philosophy is that there is no limit to when you can send flowers to someone special. However, there are a few important life milestones that are perfect for flower delivery. Such occasions can include…

To give thanks

A small and beautiful token of appreciation, gifting flowers is a popular way to express thanks and show appreciation.

Whether a family member was there for you during a tough time or your friend helped you pack boxes while you were moving house, there’s no act that can’t be thanked with flowers! Send thank you flowers in Melbourne with Flowers Alley.

To express sympathy or send well-wishes

Losing a loved one is never easy, and sending flowers is a meaningful way to express condolences and let someone know that you are in their thoughts.

White flowers in particular can represent grief. Elegant white bouquets and flower arrangements are an appropriate choice to express sympathy and mourning. View our collection of sympathy flowers

To offer congratulations

Perfect to commemorate all of life’s fabulous moments! Whether your bestie has landed an awesome new job, your friend has purchased their first home, or you’re celebrating an engagement, congratulations flowers are fun, bold, and uplifting!

To show love

It’s your special someone’s birthday, your upcoming anniversary, or they simply had a rough week at work. If you want to show love and admiration, say it with flowers.

And it doesn’t just have to be a significant other, either. Your bestie, mum, dad, and sister will also appreciate a bouquet of love. See our love and anniversary flowers here.

Just because!

While there are a ton of occasions like Mother's Day and other milestones to commemorate with flowers, sometimes you just want to show someone love “just because”.

Make someone’s day when they least expect it with a fresh and beautiful flower delivery.

Whether you want to shower your significant other, your best friend, or a special family member, remember that sending flowers doesn’t always call for a specific celebration!

A lovely flower delivery lets someone know that you’re here for them, you’re thinking of them, and that you appreciate them.

It will instantly put a smile on their face and a pep in their step!

And best of all, it will make you feel great, too! We sincerely believe that flower delivery creates that feel-good emotion as much for the sender as it does for the recipient.

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What do flowers symbolise?

Flowers can convey a range of emotions, sentiments, and feelings, making them a versatile gift to give to almost anyone in your life. From colleagues and clients to friends, family, and lovers, flowers are highly tied to warmth and feelings.

Flowers can convey:

  • Love and admiration
  • Gratitude and appreciation
  • Sympathy and well wishes
  • Good luck and congratulations

 They can be used for all of life’s important milestones, including birthdays, new baby announcements, anniversaries, and so much more! Seasonally, too, two of the biggest events on the calendar are, of course, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

What do you say when giving flowers?

You can say as little or as much as you like, but the general idea is to address the recipient, of course, and explain why you are thinking of them, appreciating them, or celebrating them.

And of course, if you’re sending flowers just because, let them know that, too! The beauty of flowers is that they are suitable for any kind of occasion, celebration, or commemoration.

When you send flowers with Flowers Alley, you can write a personalised message that we will include on your delivery. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can pick up from our warehouse in most cases, and deliver your flowers to someone special yourself.

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