Charity Update - Sep 2021

This year 2021 R U OK Day was on 9th September and flowers alley has donated to R U OK organisation. We don't need to be a counsellor or professional, just simply listen and empower the person you care.

Running a florist business we connect people together, sending beautiful messages from anywhere on this planet to this Melbourne city. This is something that we also see the beauty of each person. Last week 6th September 2021 to 11th September 2021 flowers alley sent out so many flower deliveries across Melbourne. Very simple card messages asking their friend R U OK? We also offered limited 10% OFF discount on R U OK flowers. 

Big thank for everyone who make this R U OK Day so meaningful. Please remember to check on your friend and family from time to time to let them know they are not alone. 

If you're interested in R U OK organisation, please check the link below for more detail.